Central Directory
The application forms a central business directory that provides a listing of all the different businesses and business contact information. Businesses and clients are now able to search for other business contact details and services through the online application. Similar to other online directories, EzyFind makes it easier to search for businesses not only through business names but also through business service and product offerings.

In addition to a simple search service the EzyFind application differentiates itself by allowing businesses to search by keywords, products, services as well as area, location and categories.
Instant Messaging Platform
A built in Instant Messaging platform allows business and clients to communicate with each other without the cost of SMS and telephone calls.

Similar to the way in which most other instant messaging systems operate, EzyFind has a built in instant messaging system that allows for messages to be transmitted through your data connection as apposed to your cellular network, thus reducing the cost to almost nothing.

To safeguard your business transactions, EzyFind ensures a record of your communication is safely stored for future reference.
Billing System
The EzyFind platform has a built in invoicing system that allows for you to send through a quote or an invoice to your clients without the need to have an additional billing software. The invoices and quotes are customised to your businesses look and feel, so the documents appear to come directly from your company and not from EzyFind or Innovation Evolved.

A built in inventory system allows for you to manage stock directly on the system, and each successful invoice submitted through the system, will automatically reduce your inventory based as per the invoice, thus ensuring that you have a accurate count of stock on hand. This portal is available to all registered subscribers and is managed by you.

Each quotation generated from the system can easily be converted to an invoice thus reducing the amount of administration on your side, and any third party invoice system that you use, can easily be attached as a PDF to our system for easy reference. Invoice numbers can be automatically generated or input as per your in-house invoicing system, to ensure that document numbers match.
The platform allows for you as the business service provider to insert bank account details, allowing your client to make an EFT payment directly to your nominated South African Bank Account. Should you wish to take advantage of our extensive range of alternative payment methods we also offer: PayFast - In association with PayFast, EzyFind is able to integrate the PayFast payment system for allowing your clients to make payments through their services.

You sign an agreement directly with PayFast, and any levies charged by PayFast is done directly with your business. EzyFind facilitates the process as a value add, and does not add any additional charges to your transaction.

Credit Card and Debit Card Payments - The EzyFind system also allows for your clients to make direct payment to your bank account through our in-built debit and credit card facilities to any South African Banking Institute. Standard Bank, First National Bank, Nedbank and ABSA.
Point of Sale
Innovation Evolved (Pty) Ltd is also an affiliate of ZipZap and iKhokha, mobile card payment solutions. Should you deal directly with your client face-to-face, these payment systems will allow you to accept card transaction on the go. Both systems take advantage of your mobile data network to communicate with the relevant service provider, and allow you to verify and accept payments through their mobile card transaction systems. To be integrated soon !!
Each registered business is allocated a single business user that administrates the functionality, profile and other details of your organisation. However, we understand that you may have different users dealing with different requests, and as such you are able to add additional users onto the system. Each registered user will then be able to accept incoming requests and respond accordingly through his personalised online portal or mobile application. You can add as many users and your sales team requires.
Email Notifications
Each user had the option to have notifications sent to his / her email address, or nominated email address. This functionality is controlled by the administrator or each user as mandated. Transactions or communication notifications can be sent to a single user or a group email address.
Login Authentication
Users can be added by using a unique login username and password, or can be logged in using either Google or Facebook Authentication. The business has the right to authorise with login method is used by it’s team or employees.
Business Registration
Each business registered on the EzyFind database is give access to all other registered businesses to ensure that communication is as easy as possible. A company registers on the system providing their specific business details and specialities. The EzyFind platform allows for business to be searched through a number of different criteria:
Depending on the services or product offerings your business provides your business could ideally be listed under a single category or multiple categories. Thus making a search for your business easier for your clients.
Your business may be located in a specific area, but you may be providing services to a number of different areas, and as such could have your business listed under different areas through which searches are done. You need not have a business physically located in a specific area, however your particulate service or product could be delivered to a number of areas, and thus included in any search that is done by area.
Services and Products
Make a keyword listing of your specific products or service offerings, making searches for your business more accurate. Most business requesting products or services from other businesses are quite specific in their requirements and will search for a specific service or product. By ensuring that your keyword list includes as much details about your business, makes the search that much more accurate and ensures your get more qualified leads as apposed to random business leads.
You are also able to promote specials through the EzyFind platform, allowing visitors to view your specials and order immediately through the mobile application or online site. Specials promoted through the site are administered directly by your team and can have an expiry date, ensuring that the special is deactivated on your specified date. All specials are highlighted on the initial login page by map and location, thus ensuring that users logging into the system are made aware of specials being promoted through the platform.
eCatalogue and eFlyers
you are also encouraged to upload any PDF flyers that you have available for your company. Browsers to the platform can then open and view your product offering and optionally download and store a copy of your catalogue on their computers for later browsing. Clients are encourages to rate the quality of your catalogue or flyer thus giving you feedback for improvements and changes. Clients are also given the option to favourite your catalogue and add comments.
Service Ratings
Clients are encouraged to take the quality of service received and this provide valuable feedback to your marketing team, as well as encourage new clients into doing business with you.

Time Delay
All requested are by default set a certain time delay before reaching your sales team. This time delay can be reduced based on your business needs and requirements. See terms and conditions online for more information.
EzyFind Verified
All our registered businesses are encouraged to get EzyFind verified by uploading relevant company documents. Thus we are able to provide a second layer of confidence to your clients by providing your BEE status online as well as your Proudly SA certification. Governance authority verification within your industry is included as well.