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Send your request and obtain tyre prices - Tyre Corporation company-owned Tyre-Fill Plants are strategically placed and operated by fully trained, experienced and certified personnel. appropriate compound to suit the needs of all operations. Tyre Corporation is the SOLE DISTRIBUTOR of the internationally renowned Carpenter Fill in South Africa. Tyre Corporation undertakes a full spectrum of tyre repairs from the smallest commercial vehicle tyre up to the largest mining application. Our repair processes have proved extremely cost effective. All Tyre Corporation tyre repairs carry a warranty that extends for the remaining tyre life, as long as the tyre operates within the prescribed parameters. All our Factory Repairs are SABS Certified.Stock Casings – We generate our own stock casings as well as importing some. The price of Stock Casings is dependent on Availability/Quality/Rate of Exchange and sold on a per-quotation-basis. Stock Casings are recapped and sold as Stock Retreads.

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