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Mustang Auto Body Short Profile Mustang Auto Body Specialists is a 51% Black woman owned Level 2 BBEEE approved RMI, SAMBRA structural repairer. The mission of Mustang Auto Body Specialists is to provide high quality, convenient, comprehensive auto body repairs with a 100% customer satisfaction in respect of approachability, quality and time of completion. Our focal point is to expand our customer base so that Mustang Auto Body Specialists is able to meet its objectives. Mustang Auto Body Factory approvals: KIA, FORD, HONDA, MAZDA, RENAULT, TATA, CHEV, OPEL, HYUNDAI, NISSAN, DATSUN, SUBARU, SUZUKI, MAHINDRA, TOYOTA Mustang Auto Body Specialists offers a wide range of services as outlined below: Body Repairs, Chassis Straightening, Water base paint repairs, Paintless dent repairs, Hail damage, Mag wheel repairs, Aircon Re-gas, Polishing and Glazing of vehicles, 3D Measuring System, Diagnostics, Rubber rising, Vehicle Protection Shield wrapping, Mechanical Services, Mechanical repairs and Sign writing Notice should be taken of the fact that this industry is highly competitive with suppliers having a great deal of power in setting and negotiating the prices of the products and services to Auto Repair shops. For this reason we continuously keep abreast of new technological developments and strive towards making long term capital investments in technology therefore enabling the business to offer the widest possible range of services in the Auto Body repair industry, and as a result gaining a competitive advantage in the industry. Mustang Auto Body Specialists is affiliated with the following insurance panels: Approved SANTAM platinum panel beater Telesure Miway King Price Zurich Auto Magic Agent and many more... If you would like to know more about us, please Contact us!

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