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About Christiaan Michael CHRISTIAANMICHAEL IS PROUD TO BRING YOU Benjamin Adams London Wedding shoes , Pink Paradox London Wedding shoe and Supadance London Dance Shoes Benjamin Adams collection was created in 2004 as a collection solely dedicated to the craft of luxury chic bridal footwear. Born into a family of fashion footwear manufacturers , Benjamin quickly identified how uninspiring traditional bridal footwear was. Where was the fashion, glamour and style that brides deserved? The passion for footwear was in his blood so he began developing a collection of bridal footwear that encapsulated the design philosophy of alluring glamour. Using the finest silks, leathers, laces, vintage pieces and, complimented by striking crystals, he began developing collections that challenged the status quo in bridal footwear design. Most bridal shoes are worn and discarded – Our collection allows brides to wear their footwear time and time again and hold pride of place in any wardrobe around the world. Pink Paradox London a stunning array of Bridal & Occasion shoes which encapsulate both style and comfort designed to appeal to fashionable brides. Classic, Vintage or Chic, we have a fashion forward presentation to complete every bride’s vision for a perfect day. Specializing in the manufacturing and design of footwear for more than 25 years Paradox London understand the demands of the modern bride, comfortable bridal shoes are necessary to enjoy a full day of festivities without sacrificing comfort for style. Appropriately designed footwear fabricated using the best available dyeable satins, additional padding and cushioned linings are top priority to maximize comfort. Wishing brides and bridal parties throughout the globe our sincere congratulations and are proud they have chosen Paradox London Pink footwear to carry them through their special day. Supadance London Dance Shoes more than five generations Supadance has been crafting the finest hand-made shoes at there factory in London. Supadance has become the world leader in quality, comfort and style. And is The Dance World’s Most Favoured Dance Shoes !!!


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